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chichester maths tutors
Chichester Maths Tutors

Harry founded Chichester Maths Tutors after 10 years of in-class teaching and tutoring experience, which included a math's co-ordinator role.


After struggling with maths during his own school days, Harry is able to empathise with children who find the subject difficult. This gives him extra determination to help them succeed.


He relishes the challenge of raising childrens' levels in maths while helping them realise that it isn't so bad after all! 




Jon has 25 years in-class teaching experience under his belt and believes that in order for a child to learn best, work needs to be fun!


He enjoys seeing children progress and his enthusiastic approach will greatly enhance your child's knowledge and build their confidence.


Jon is very patient and will always tailor work to your child's pace and ability. This all combines, over time, to raise their level and improve their grades.


Jon also tutors in other subjects. More information can be found at

Chichester Maths Tutors
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